1. You Shook Me

From the recording ACDC, sloppy bluegrass-style

Recorded live with the Clams in Cocoa Beach, FL, this cover originally came to be on a request/dare by a young lady from Kentucky during an afternoon set in Key West. It went something like this: KENTUCKY GIRL: Y'all are good for country, but I bet you can't play no Aye See Deey Seey.ME: What'll you give us if we play some Aye See Deey Seey?KG: I'll buy y'all a beer. ME: Thanks but we drink for free here.KG: I'll buy a t-shirt.ME: We are all sold out. Sorry.KG Ok, I'll show you my boobies.ME: well hell, I guess we're playing some ACDC.
We didn't have any ACDC worked up for that show, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. And voila--a new cover was born. SIDEBAR: one of them a UK tattoo.