"If Pacifico Rik don't get you smiling, you're either dead or a communist. Either way, you've got issues."
National Radio Hall of Famer Big Don O'Brien


Hi, I’m Pacifico Rik Ferrell—amateur Swimsuit Model and competitive Day Drinker. Yeah, I play and sing some too. They call me the Tropical Outlaw, but really, I'm drama-free and just here for the party. I come from Annapolis, MD, and it didn't take me long to figure out that girls dig boats and guitar players (and I didn't have boat money, so...)

I also figured out that I'm highly allergic to Shoveling Snow and Scraping Ice From Windshields, so I migrated down to hang my hat amongst the palm trees and Canadian tourists in South Florida. 

"the Pacifico Duo is what live music is supposed to be in a resort town--laid back, upbeat, and fun. I try to have them regularly at all my locations.'
Tammy Thompson, owner, Rusty's SWFL


I’ve played concert halls and tiki bars, bachelorette parties and biker joints to hell and back, performed with a bunch of REAL artists (see below), done a fair bit of songwriting for myself and others, and made some great records with a talented group of miscreants in my former band the Roadhouse Clams.

These days, whether I'm performing with my amazing duo partner, blues diva KC Cantello, or simply by my lonesome, the shows are deeply soaked in a lovely Key West-ness (sure it's a real term), with a bluesy southern vibe that pairs great with margaritas and sunsets.

I play everything from Waylon to the Bee Gees, Merle to Madonna, Abba to ACDC, Beatles to the Beastie Boys, plus some of my originals that are on my mind at the time. My songs have a certain southern tropicality to them, with several currently in rotation on a number of streaming and terrestrial radio stations in the USA and abroad (I'm world famous in Uruguay and Austria). It ain't quite the life of Paul McCartney, but I'm having one hell of a good time.

"Rik Ferrell's sound is the intersection where Austin, Texas meets the Florida Keys."
Jamie Norton, WPOC, Baltimore MD


And I'm old school, so no pre-recorded backing tracks, loopers, vocal harmonizers, drum machines or other artificial tricks or chicanery. I’m a performer not a programmer, and not interested in sounding like the organ store in the mall. I believe that if you do it right, you don't need the additional nonsense. 

If it ain't live, it ain't me. 


Alabama's Teddy Gentry
Avett Brothers
Deanna Bogart
Diane Burch
Dr Dog
Fighting Gravity
Flaming Lips
Flogging Molly
Gin Blossoms
Good Charlotte
Hootie & the Blowfish
Jonny Lang
Bill Kirtchen
Michele Malone
Minus the Bear
The Nighthawks
Paul Reed Smith Band
Southern Culture on the Skids
the Tubes
Jimmie Van Zant
Vertical Horizon



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