Here's what some of the indie artist-friendly media pundits have to say about me and my music. (I know I didn't need to explain this to you; I just look for opportunities to  use the word 'pundit'). 

What the world needs right now is a summer full of fun. Rik Ferrell's new EP, Ugly Babies, with its sunny coastal vibe, is the soundtrack we can all groove to this year.” - Greg Tutwiler-Editor

Americana Rhythm Music Magazine

'The Belafonte Life' by Rik Ferrell & the Borrowed Stars was our #1 Listener's Choice song for the month of April. If this track isn't nominated for Trop Rock Song of the Year, there's something wrong. ” - Andy Forsyth

Beachfront Radio

Ugly Babies has something for everyone! Not only do I love the title, but there's a song to fit every mood: chilling at the beach, tossing back beers at a bbq, or just drowning your sorrows. Great record!”

— Marija, 96 K Rock, Ft Myers, FL

If Rik's music doesn't get you going, you're either dead or a communist, Either way, you've got issues!”

— Legendary Broadcaster and National Radio Hall of Famer Big Don O'Brien

Rik Ferrell's music is right at the intersection where Austin, TX meets Key West”

— Jamie Norton, WPOC FM, Baltimore, MD

[Rik's] music has all the warmth and grit of the late 60s, early 1970s alt-country, and still manages to sound fresh and modern. Whip-smart lyrics too. ”

— Jeff Edwards, Sunny 106 FM, Ft Myers, FL