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Buy Me An Island

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Gonna buy me an island, down in the Keys
Run around naked, and do what I please
Drink rum all day, til I'm feeling alright
Play guitar on the shore til the sun's out of sight
Don't matter to me if no one agrees
I'm buying an island down in the Keys

Gonna buy me an island down in the Keys
Live the rest of my life in cut-off dungarees
Spend my days on a pier, fishing pole in my hand
And lay down with my woman in the warm sandy sand
I'm selling my snow boots, shovel, and skis
And buying an island down in the Keys

Back on the job site it's still the same ol'
The boss is in high gear yelling "do what you're told!"
I just can't wait to abandon that brute
When I pack up my things, and wave a goodbye
With a middle finger salute

Gonna buy me an island down in the Keys
Pretend I'm a pirate in the far southern seas
Tan like a deerskin, and grow me a beard
Feel free to laugh and say that I'm weird
But I'll be picking out names for all the palm trees
That grow on my island down in the Keys

Nibblin on Boat Drinks, and wasting away
Not a worry in the world on this fine sunny day
I'll tell you something, and you can call me a fool
But I love how the world looks
From this old beach bar stool

End of the turnpike, kiss the mainland goodbye
Islamorada, where the sea meets the sky
Mile Marker 47, Porky's BBQ
7 Mile Bridge and the infinite blue
You got Bahia Honda, with the beach so fine
And we're pushing on down south, below Big Pine
Rolling Overseas Hwy, feeling the ease
That comes from my islands, down in the Keys